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Akankhya Devlopers aiming to be an inseparable and essential part of living of many modern citizens and to made a holistic contribution to elevate modern lifestyles in Bhubaneswar and other cities of Orissa. Our Project is the outcome of deep motivated professional insight & contribution of prolic architects & engineers. Brings you updated information on the phenomena that is going on in the real estate segment in the country and help you gain information on housing companies, realty companies, builders, building contractors, housing finance companies and a lot of other details to find your dream house conveniently and invest your money judiciously and profitably.

We are aiming to be the leader and model corporate participant in the development of the construction industry.

We are building, maintaining and perpetuate a loyal and continuing relationship with every customer through total commitment to quality, transparent dealings, timely completion, thereby enhancing the values for our stakeholders.


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